About our Materials

Premium Plastic

Minis start at $29.99 USD

  • Durability●●●○○
  • Detail●●●●●
  • Paintability●●●●●

Our Premium Plastic is a dark, glossy plastic. It can range in color from dark gray to black, and it is our highest detail plastic option. Facial features are clear and distinct, even at 30mm scale. This material is ideal for users who want smoother surfaces for painting, or who want the highest fidelity to their original 3D design. It is suitable for painting, for high quality display pieces, and for gentle tabletop play. These minis are made using a DLP SLA 3D printing technology where a liquid resin is hardened layer by layer using UV light. No support material is used. Instead, figures are printed with small support sprues which support overhangs and recessed detail during the printing process. After the print is finished, the sprues are removed. The plastic is slightly flexible, though fine wire-like details should be handled with some care.

Our Premium Plastic miniatures may have small rough spots, discolorations, or scoring where the support sprues have been removed. This can result in some inconsistencies in the overall finish, though these are relatively indistinct or indistinguishable after painting. This can range from being primarily an aesthetic variation which becomes indistinct once sprayed with primer or painted, or it some a rougher texture that obscures some details.

Nylon Plastic

Minis start at $14.99 USD

  • Durability●●●○○
  • Detail●○○○○
  • Paintability●○○○○

Our Nylon Plastic miniatures are an opaque white color with a light sandpapery texture. This material islight and porous, making it less suitable for painting. Compared to our Premium Plastic, details will be softer, and fine features like facial detail will be indistinct at 30mm scale. This material becomes more durable at larger scale, making larger statuettes more rugged. 2x scale statuettes are printed in this material and undergo an additional 'polishing' process to smooth out surface roughness making smoother and somewhat easier to paint. This material is 3D printed using the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) process, a 3D printing technique where models are built up from layers of hardened nylon powder. Once the print is finished, it is pulled from the surrounding layer of unhardened nylon powder.

Nylon Plastic is built from very thin layers of nylon powder which are hardened layer by layer. This can sometimes result in a faint “stair stepping” pattern and can warp or obscure very small details. Some small details, such as lips or nose, may be slightly warped or indistinct at 30mm scale.


Minis start at $34.99 USD

  • Durability●●●●●
  • Detail●●○○○
  • Paintability●●○○○

Our Steel material is a brownish color with a rough, pitted surface similar to cast iron. It is heavy and durable. This material is ideal for users who want the ability to throw their mini into a dice bag for transportation. These minis are created using special 3D printers that bind layers of steel powder together with adhesive. The finished model then goes through a bronze infusion process which replaces the adhesive with metal, resulting in a fully metal product. The material is 3D printed from 420 stainless steel, and is then infused with bronze to finish the print, resulting in approximately 60% steel and 40% bronze composition.

The bronze infiltration varies from print to print, resulting in some variety in coloration, ranging from very dark brown to a lighter brownish gold. Models with large overhangs may require support structures to be printable, unlike our other materials.


Minis start at $99.99 USD

  • Durability●●●●●
  • Detail●●●●●
  • Paintability●●●●○

Our bronze material is a rich polished copper color. It very heavy and the hand-polishing process leaves them with superior smoothness and sheen. Our bronze material captures very fine detail which can include things like bold facial expressions, even at 30mm scale. Polished bronze goes through a multi-step polishing to give it its smooth, glossy finish. This material is ideal for users who want the maximum level of fidelity to their 3D design, strength and durability, and a beautiful, long-lasting model. These minis are made using the lost wax method, where a wax mold is 3D printed to create a cast in plaster. Molten bronze is poured into the cast, and the cast is broken away. This bronze is made up of 10% tin and 90% copper. Once it has cooled, the model is polished until it has a smooth, bright luster. This polishing process uses a combination of machine and hand polishing to provide its smooth finish.

Cast figures must be polished after manufacturing. As a result, some interior or recessed detail may be difficult to reach and can have slightly lower fidelity or smoothness than exterior detail. Additionally, the polishing process, though it results in fantastic smoothness and a superior finish, can sometimes dull some finer details, like facial expression, or not reach deeply recessed surfaces, like the underside of capes or skirts.

Digital .stl File

Minis start at $9.99 USD

In addition to physical miniatures, Hero Forge also offers digital .stl print file distribution. These files can be loaded into your 3D printing software of choice for printing at home. Models are tessellated meshes with a polycount of up to two million triangles. They are not rigged for animation. Model files are distributed via your user profile page. They typically arrive within 15-30 minutes of checkout, but please allow for up to one business day: in some cases manual quality control checks are required.

Note that Hero Forge miniatures are finely detailed scale models. As a result, some home 3D printers do not have the ability to faithfully replicate the level of detail present in the source model or have issues printing thin, free-standing “wire” parts or the thin supports necessary to support a model during the build process. As a result, Hero Forge does not give any warranty about the models, and does not guarantee that the model will be fit for any particular purposes or be compatible with any specific make or model of printer. If you’d like to attempt printing a sample figure before purchasing, please use one of our two free sample models to try out your home printer, available on your digital orders page. Note that we do not offer refunds or exchanges for digital models. For more information on our digital download products and images of user prints, check out our digital download information page.