Character Design & Customization

Hero Forge® is a character creator which allows you to design gorgeous, high-resolution characters in full 3D, right in your browser. Hero Forge® offers a genre-spanning library of thousands of parts, sliders, customization options, and color design tools to empower your creativity. Whether you prefer to start from convenient presets or fine tune your character feature by feature, Hero Forge® makes it easy. With fresh content added every Tuesday, there’s always something new to spark your imagination. Best of all, designing, saving, and sharing characters is completely free!

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Horned knight fighting Infernal thief

Order Custom Miniatures

Designed with the tabletop gamer in mind, Hero Forge® allows you to purchase your unique character designs as custom 30mm scale tabletop miniatures--the most common scale for tabletop RPG gaming. Your custom designs are available in a range of materials. Choose from paintable plastics, rugged metal, or select our Color Plastic option for a full color mini that is table-ready right out of the box.

Materials & Pricing

Download your Hero

If you are a 3D printing enthusiast, Hero Forge® offers detailed STL files of your designs—the most common format for 3D printing at home. STL files purchases are delivered directly to your Hero Forge® account for easy access. Just download, unzip, and print!

Is virtual tabletop more your speed? Hero Forge® also offers 3D Digital miniatures to bring your custom characters into cutting-edge, supported virtual tabletop programs . Thanks to Hero Forge®’s new Access Key, you can seamlessly connect your Hero Forge® account to supported virtual tabletop programs and automatically sync your 3D Digital miniatures, no downloads required! Hero Forge® currently supports a variety of virtual tabletop programs with many more on the horizon.

Create Your Character
Dwarf and robot wielding hammers

Level Up to Hero Forge® Pro

Hero Forge® Pro subscription unlocks the use of a wide range of additional functions as well as early access to upcoming products and features. Export unlimited 2D digital portraits and tokens, mesmerize your friends with a Spinny Mini, add your characters to dynamically lit scenes, and take advantage of exclusive tools designed to make building characters even faster and easier.

  • Early Access to our Treasure Tuesday content releases a full week before everyone else.
  • Import tools to easily share and swap elements of your designs between save files including poses, colors, and more.
  • Folder organization to sort your legions of saved designs.
  • Beta access to upcoming features and products.
  • Token Maker tools for exporting unlimited 2D tokens for your favorite virtual tabletop applications.
  • Photo Booth tools for exporting high-resolution character profile images with backgrounds, decorative frames, and camera presets.
  • Scene Maker for showing off multiple characters in a dynamically lit, illustrated environment.
  • Spinny Mini high-resolution turnarounds of any of your characters.
  • See a full list of Pro Subscription benefits here.
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Tribal bear warrior fighting mace wielding dragonkin

Reach Even Greater Heights with Hero Forge Pro Plus

Hero Forge® Pro Plus is designed for avid 3D printing and virtual tabletop enthusiasts. If you have your own 3D printer, there is no better way to take the design and printing process into your own hands. Monthly credits can also be used to acquire 3D Digital versions of your own designs or our pre-made packs.

In addition to all of the Hero Forge® Pro features, Pro Plus boasts:

  • Five credits per month to use for STL downloads or 3D Digital minis. Credits roll over month to month. One user can hold up to 120 credits.
  • Free monthly Featured Pre-made Digital Pack Pre-Made Digital Packs include STL and 3D Digital files for a set of themed minis.
Heroes sharing a drink

How it Works

We are constantly adding new characters, weapons, props and features to Hero Forge®.

Create a free account.
Design & build characters.
Save characters to your account.
Purchase tabletop miniatures or digital models.
Share, repeat.
Elephant folk and armored knight locked in combat with axes