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Raise your horns for some heavy metal Hero Forge® minis! Our custom bronze miniatures are the epitome of tabletop epicness. Bronze minis are made using the “lost wax” method, where a wax mold is 3D printed to create a cast in plaster. Molten bronze made of 10% tin and 90% copper is poured into the cast. Once it has cooled, the cast is broken away and the model undergoes a multi-step polish until it possesses a luminous shine and is incredibly smooth to the touch. Some interior or recessed detail may be difficult to reach for polishing and can have slightly lower fidelity or smoothness than exterior detail.

Hero Forge®’s bronze captures very fine detail at high fidelity, including bold facial expressions, even at 30mm scale. Bronze minis are significantly heavier than their plastic counterparts and are the most durable material option Hero Forge® offers. Be the envy of the tabletop in immaculate bronze!