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Price: Starting at $149.99 (KICKSTARTER BACKER EXCLUSIVE)

For supporting us on Kickstarter, backers of the appropriate tier have access to hand-painted miniatures. The base miniature is printed in our premium SLA plastic material, primed, and painted. Using traditional miniature painting techniques, your custom design’s decals and color scheme are recreated with fine, hand-mixed paints. The level of detail in a hand-painted custom miniature is remarkable, perfect for displays and dioramas.

Please note that because paints are mixed by hand, the shade and tone of some colors may differ slightly from your digital design. Some fine detail that is displayed in the Hero Forge® character creator, like eyes and eye color, may be indistinct or absent in the painted figure. Our Hand-Painted Plastic miniatures may have small rough spots, nubs, or scoring where the support sprues have been removed, and some faint layer lines. This can result in some minor inconsistencies in the overall finish, though these are usually indistinct after painting.