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Price: $7.99

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Hero Forge®’s Pre-Made Digital Packs are some of the best value any tabletop enthusiast can ask for. Every pack has a unique theme and contains a set of expertly designed miniatures. No need to spend time scouring for a handful of miniatures that might go together for that big encounter or story moment. Each miniature comes with both an STL file for home 3D printing, a 3D Digital miniature for use in supported virtual tabletop programs, and three 2D tokens at three different angles. Impress your players with a world of immersive characters whether you prefer to play virtually, in person, or both!

All Pre-Made Digital packs can be purchased for $7.99 or 1 digital credit. Pro+ subscribers can get the current month’s Features Pre-made Digital pack for free!

For more detailed information on our STL files, please visit our STL product page.

For more detailed information on our 3D Digital minis, please visit our 3D Digital product page.