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Hero Forge®’s 3D-printed plastic miniatures are the perfect answer to your custom miniature needs! Anything you design in our character creator can be printed in our durable yet detailed plastic. All plastic miniatures are primed in a smooth matte gray easy painting. Hero Forge®’s custom plastic miniatures are light and rigid with light print layer texture. Detail on plastic miniatures is slightly softer than that on premium plastic, but still excellent at translating shapes and features from the character creator to the final print.

All custom plastic miniatures are 3D printed using a Stereolithography Apparatus (SLA) printing technique, where liquid resin is hardened layer by layer using UV light. These layers are printed at 100 micron (0.1 millimeter) layer thickness. Plastic miniatures are printed with small support sprues which support overhangs and recessed detail during the printing process. After the print is finished, the sprues are manually removed. Manual removal of support structures may result in tiny rough spots, scoring, or slight surface inconsistencies. The printed plastic is slightly flexible, and long thin details should be handled with care.

No matter if you’re playing a tabletop game or building a diorama, the versatile custom plastic miniatures by Hero Forge® can accommodate anything.