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Every Hero Forge® custom mini can be purchased as a downloadable STL file, the most common file format for home 3D printers. 3D model files are distributed as zipped .stl files with a file size around 5-10mb. They are tessellated meshes which are not rigged for animation. Base separation for easier printing is also available, just check the box at time of purchase. STL files are readable by a variety of free and paid programs, enabling you to dial in your printing settings exactly as you like. Regardless of the material you’re printing in, you’ll have a top-quality, custom STL to get you going.

All STL files are distributed via your Digital Downloads page. Files typically arrive within 15-30 minutes of checkout, but please allow for up to one business day. In some cases, manual quality control checks are required to ensure the best printing experience for our users.

Please note that Hero Forge® miniatures are finely detailed scale models with a high resolution preview in our character creator. As a result, some home 3D printers do not have the ability to faithfully replicate the level of detail present in the source model or have issues printing thin, free-standing parts or the sprue necessary to support a model during the build process. As a result, Hero Forge® does not give any warranty about the models or STL files. Hero Forge® does not guarantee that the home-printed model will be fit for any particular purposes or be compatible with any specific make or model of printer.

If you’d like to attempt printing a sample figure before purchasing, please use one of our two free sample models to try out on your home printer, available on your digital orders page or below:

Note that we do not offer refunds or exchanges for digital models. For more information on our STL Digital Download product and images of user prints, check out our Digital Downloads page.