Community Guidelines

Last updated: November 2, 2021


Hero Forge® and its associated platforms are built upon a community aimed to create, collaborate, and share content in a safe and innovative manner. When participating with Hero Forge® and our community it is important to remember the following policies. Hero Forge® reserves the right to remove any creation from our social platforms for any reason without notice. The use of Hero Forge® and all of its associated features is governed by the Terms of Service []. The following community standards are solely meant to supplement and clarify our policies and not replace the Hero Forge® Terms of Service [].

If you opt to publicly share a design in our community, you recognize that your configuration will be viewable, savable, editable, and/or purchasable from Hero Forge® by other users, without any attribution, royalty, or any other compensation to you.

Please consider these Community Standards as a guide for how to keep the Hero Forge® community a safe and positive space for yourself and your fellow creators. We want to ensure an inclusive, welcoming environment, protect users in our community from offensive content, and foster an enjoyable environment for all, regardless of age, gender, race, background, or life experience.

We also want to ensure that if creators do not follow the Community Standards, we can protect other creators in our community. Users who do not follow the Community Standards may have their comments removed, have their ability to comment removed, have their publicly shared designs removed, have their accounts deactivated or their access to the site and service terminated with no warning or opportunity to appeal, and whatever other measures are determined to be appropriate.

If you have any questions about the following Community Standards, please contact [email protected].

All activity on and use of the Hero Forge® site and service is subject to the Hero Forge® Terms of Service [] and Privacy Policy [

Zero Tolerance

Hero Forge® has a zero-tolerance policy towards hate-speech, trolling, threats, or inappropriate sexual content.

Standard Gore

The Hero Forge® provides blood spatter and a variety of assets to create gore without the use of advanced posing. Utilizing advanced posing with or without the combination of decals to create a more complex Gore image will qualify a creation for Excessive Gore. In addition, framing, context, and lens of the creation will be taken into account when assessing whether a mini is acceptable without the tag or not.

Tip: If you are uncertain whether your creation includes Excessive Gore, Violence, or Torture then flag your creation as Gore just in case.

Excessive Gore, Violence, and Torture

All excessive gore, violence, and torture must be flagged with the Gore tag. Assessment of gorey and violent content will be based on the framing, context, and lens of the creation. As such if excessive gore is not tagged properly, Hero Forge® reserves the right to remove any creation we deem problematic and, depending on the severity of the content, banning the account from our platform.


Educational, scientific, and artistic nudity is allowed to the extent that it can be performed without the use of the advanced posing tool and decal posing to create more explicit situations.

Explicit Content

Hero Forge® is home to a diverse audience which includes our youngest creators. As such, we want to ensure that young eyes and the unconsenting don’t accidentally come across explicit content. Assessment of suggestive content is based on the framing, context, and lens of the creation. This is not a complete list and can and will be updated as Hero Forge® sees fit. Disallowed content includes but is not limited to:

Additional content that may be taken down includes:

Hate Speech, Abuse, and/or Harassment

Hero Forge® has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY towards Hate Speech, Abuse, and/or Harassment. Treat other members of the community with respect, kindness, and encouragement. Sharing feedback, opinions, or criticisms must be done with compassion and positivity--do not start or contribute to public arguments or harassment.

What is Hate Speech?

Hate Speech is content that attacks, incites violence, or dehumanizes a single person or group based on one of these categories:

Additional content that may be taken down includes:


Do not spam or excessively post on any community forums or comment fields.

Activity that condones illegal or violent activity

Content encouraging, glorifying, or advocating illegal acts will not be tolerated. This may include:


Do not use Hero Forge® or Community Library for any business purpose without our express written consent. Posting links to external websites is disallowed without our express written consent.

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