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Price: $7.99
Durability: All powerful, indestructible (by way of being digital)

Great for

Take your minis to the virtual realm with Hero Forge®’s 3D digital minis! Fully customize your character in the Hero Forge® character creator and send them adventuring in your favorite virtual tabletop platforms. Each custom digital miniature is a fully 3D model with all of your detailed color, effects, and posing. Use your Hero Forge® access key to connect your Hero Forge® account to any supported virtual tabletop, and all of your 3D digital minis will automatically sync to the tabletop.

3D Digital miniatures can be viewed via your digital orders page and are automatically synced to supported virtual tabletops. They typically arrive within 15-30 minutes of checkout, but please allow for up to one business day. In some cases manual quality control checks are required to ensure the best quality files for our users.

Please note that some textures and materials may render differently in the Hero Forge® character creator compared to your virtual tabletop application. Hero Forge® does not give any warranty for 3D Digital miniatures, and does not guarantee that the model will be fit for any particular purposes or be compatible with any specific virtual tabletop as developer updates for virtual tabletop programs may affect compatibility.

Note that we do not offer refunds or exchanges for digital models.

Officially Supported Platforms

3D Digital Asset Bundle Downloads

For Berserk Games’s Tabletop Simulator, minis can be downloaded from your Digital Downloads page.

How to import “3D Digital Asset Bundle” files into Berserk Games’ Tabletop Simulator:

Note that this description may become out of date with future software updates. Please review custom asset bundle import instructions on Tabletop Simulator’s home page here.

If you’d like to examine a sample download before purchasing to verify compatibility or rendered appearance, please use our free sample model, available on your Digital Downloads page.

Explorer Example Download