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Our custom color miniatures are the apex of tabletop miniatures. Hero Forge® has spent the better part of its existence developing, iterating on, and perfecting the process for 3D printing magnificent color directly onto its custom miniatures. Dedicated development has allowed Hero Forge® to manifest beautiful gradients and fine decals all without you needing to lift a paintbrush. Our fully custom color-plastic is printed using a color “inkjet”-style 3D printing technology, mixing a range of color materials on the fly to achieve vivid colors and clean gradients. This technology also employs water-soluble support material, which means there will be no marrs where supports or sprues would have been placed during the printing process.

Color-printed miniatures are coated in a color-protecting sealant, which can soften some fine, recessed detail. Conversely, many details become more vivid in a color miniature, accentuated by the coloring and shading as well as the mini’s color texture layer. Some layer lines from the color printing process will be visible on the surface of the figures, especially in strong direct light. To accomodate color, the base plastic is somewhat less durable than our other plastic materials.

Please note that Hero Forge®’s character creator renders at a much higher level of detail than can be captured on the 30mm scale. As a result, some fine details like a character's eyes or iris may be indistinct in the final print. While visual effects like shine and reflection are dynamically rendered in the character creator, they will be printed as non-metallic, matte textures in the final model. The preview of your custom mini will flattened metallic colors and remove dynamic lighting when this material is selected in the Buy menu. This flattened render is representative of the actual color surface that will be reproduced during the printing process, replicated to the best of the abilities of, and within the limitations of, current color 3D printing technology.