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Mix up your materials and try Hero Forge®’s brand-new acrylic color standees! Acrylic standees are the same 30mm scale as our 3D printed miniatures and can easily be played side by side. Our custom standees have two main pieces: the character art and the base. Standees are printed in full color, on both sides, with front and reverse images, as well as base detailing. Each piece is precisely laser cut to the exact, unique outline of your character. Your custom standees attach to their bases by tension fit, requiring only gentle pressure to snap the character art and base together. Both pieces can also be pulled apart for easy transport and storage. The acrylic used for standees is approximately 3mm (1/8 inch) thick. The clear border, or bleed, surrounding your art extends approximately 2mm in each direction.

Due to the nature of laser printing, color standees are subject to a small amount of drift. As a result, the bleed around your art may vary slightly in thickness from one side to the other. The laser cutting process may leave a small amount of soot or discoloration on the edge of printed art.